Monday, June 9, 2008

The Magic of Hair

So I've decided that I am not going to post bios up of the Buffy characters or everything else that you could ever know about the show, because there is a thousand sites out there already dedicated to that. Instead I am going to discuss it and put my thoughts up and I encourage you to post comments on what you feel also.

So my thought of the day is:

Dawn's Hair

It seems that every where I go, well on message boards anyway, people do not like Dawn. But I do. I never have seen her as being whiny. Yes she has some annoying factors but in season 5 she was only fourteen which everyone at that age is going to have some. And she did whine sometime after finding out she was the Key but you can't really blame her. I mean if you found out that you only came into this world six months ago, when you thought you were really fourteen, and all your memories are fake, you wouldn't be a pocketful of sunshine ether. But that's not the point. The point is her hair. Yes. I mean look at that. You have to admit. That's some fine hair. When ever I try to wear my down, it turns into a frizz ball. It's the warm air or something. But how many of you love her hair? Well I do and I've notice someone else that does too. Buffy. Wow does Buffy touch her hair a lot. I'm re watching season five and Buffy sure does run her hands through it but who could blame her.

No Place Like Home

It's just so soft.


Buffy. You're creeping me out.


Geesh Buffy. Get a grip on yourself.
I'm going have to keep my eyes open for more of Buffy feeling Dawn's hair up. But I've also noticed how in awe Buffy looks every time she runs her fingers through it.

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