Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The pressure of getting your license at a young age is pretty extreme. All your friends are getting their's and it makes you feel like you should hurry up and get it even though you don't really feel that you are ready. But watching Buffy can make you feel good about yourself again. Buffy never did get her license, and several of the other characters. Lets see who can and can not drive .

Buffy- Can not. There has been parts where she has asked her mom if she can get it. (Season 2, Surprise, Season 3, Band Candy.) And even takes a wild ride (Season 3 Band Candy) But never gets her license.

Xander- Xander does have his license. We see him driving plenty of times. (season 3, The Zeppo season 4, Restless, etc.)

Willow- We are never informed that Willow has her license, but she does drive a car when she's a little bit wacky. (season 6, wrecked.)

Giles- Giles does have his license. (Season 5 Shadow, Real me etc.)

Anya- It is confirmed that Anya can't drive (season 5 Triangle) But she is pretty good at it, in season 4, Restless. But of course that was just a dream.

Spike- He can drive. (season 2, Becoming part 1 and 2, School Hard. etc.) But I have my doubts that he actually has his license.

Tara- She is never seen driving.

Oz- Oz drove a van and it was quite useful. (season 2, Halloween, season 3 Graduation Day.)

Cordelia- Cordelia can drive. In season 1, The Witch it is told she has failed Driver's Ed Course twice. But she must have passed because later she has a car and is driving.

Angel- Angel can drive. I do not think you learn this in Buffy (Please correct me if I'm mistaken.) But he does have a car in Angel.

Dawn- Dawn never drives.

So lets sum this up

Can Drive Can't

Xander Buffy
Giles Willow
Spike Anya
Angel Tara
Oz Dawn

Wow. Lets take a look at this. Cordelia is the only female that can drive. So all the males can drive and all the females (minus one)- well can't. Call me what you like, but isn't that sexist? Well fine with me. I'm female and I have no intention of driving, so add me to the list of Can't.



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